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Shabodi has recently commissioned IDC to write - "Focusing 5G to Prevent Disasters of Distraction:  Awareness Architecture".

It sheds light on the true potential of network aware 5G Services, especially in the era of attention fatigue due to pervasive communication and distractions.

Network awareness transforms the network from a simple connectivity conduit into an intelligent business asset, delivering unprecedented effectiveness for users across diverse industries and use cases.

Schedule a time to

  • The importance of aligning human and technical capabilities for next-generation outcomes.
  • The role of network awareness as a service in mitigating attention fatigue in the age of pervasive communication.
  • Why you need network aware applications and services to maximize 5G’s impact on mission-critical use cases.
  • Network awareness as a service and how it empowers organizations to accelerate advanced network monetization.

Discover how Shabodi AEP gives you the flexibility to build network-aware applications and reduce the cost of development and integrations.

If you are an application developer or vendor, private wireless provider, systems integrator or an equipment provider, Shabodi AEP gives you the flexibility and tools to create new business models and innovative services.



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